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Bakoboy Enterprises...what do we do?

We provide several services:

General Labor-construction, demolition, haul-aways, property clean-up.

Live Bee Removals-we perform bee removals with the goal of saving the bees and relocation away from the premises. Peak season is early Spring to late Fall. We also specialize in complicated and complex structural pest control such as rooftop/eave work or termite-damage resolution.

Research-one of our unique service offerings is research and/or analysis of retrieved data and information. We can research any topic or subject for our clients, and our work is usually customized to each client and his or her interest(s).

Renovations and Restorations-some products and/or designs created by us are showcased in both our Products and Gallery pages. Commissioned work is invited. Contact us to set up a meeting to discuss your ideas and options.

Landscape design and Gardening-we perform landscape work as well as basic gardening service (trimming, edging, mowing, and clean-up). Check out our Gallery page for our showcase.

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